Our mission is to host events that will turn the box into a never ending object of possibilities.
Below is a blurb of the events that we host:

Let’s Get Stupid (2012 – present)
An event originally focused on Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Freeform & Hard Trance whilst randomly supporting other forms of Underground Dance Music, a series of free monthly events at a local pub was hosted in 2012. In 2013 & 2014 we hosted a 24 hour outdoor underground party which was an epic success. In 2015 we returned to the Clarendon Tavern & had Resist headline the party + went out bush again & brought Remane for his Sydney/NSW debut set then hosted a free river party, in 2016 we brought out Asylum (Leeroy & Cheeky B) for there debut sydney set. Mid 2016 we have decided to host Freeform events going forward due to the lack of Freeform at related events in sydney & done a 24 hour camping party + a few gigs at the valve bar, brought down Kounta Kulture, Zealous & Wovn for there debut sydney set. In 2018 we hosted a Camping Party with Kounta Kulture & Auscore as the headliners which was a epic success + we also recently hosted an free pop up party which live streamed (also prerecorded exclusive videos) DJ/producers from all over the world off a projector <3, at the start of 2019 we hosted FTID which was a free event with Rikki Arkitech (UK) headlining then hosted the 2019 Freeform Camping Party which was a 3 day private property event with Tamerax (Canada), Oki Doki, Gurty + local Sydney/Canberra DJs/Producers, then in September 2019 we had Cyrax (UK) play his debut Sydney set at an underground location, during Covid-19 we hosted a serie's of small scale Iso partys which included free feeds for all with our last one on private property which had our best set up's to date, we are returning late September for our very first Oktoberfest <3

Exploration (2009 –  2017)
A diverse event with a large range of Underground Dance Music, Exploration started off as a free event at a local pub then it evolved into a 3 day underground multi genre outdoor event.

Renegade Against Sellouts (2017 to 2018)
Providing real free underground events that are on the same time as other events as close as possible with other stages from other crews, our first event was a success which went longer then the event we were renegading against with 2 stages & the location only being around the corner

Psychological Overdose (2014)
A underground Psy Trance outdoor party which is of great value for money, the first event featured Fender Bender from Israel :) we joined forces with Professor Purn for this one ...

Acid Dreamz (2012)
A random small scale doof event which occurred in 2012 :)

That Renegade Party (2012 – 2013)
A underground outdoor event with a large range of Underground Dance Music, which occurred on the same date as a mainstream festival in 2012/2013, we have decided not to host the event in the future due to the lack of support.

* Non Commercial Western Sydney was created by Dean Magro in 2009 by pure randomness & love.
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